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  • Personal Health

    Personal health insurance provides affordable coverage for unexpected health expenses, ongoing health related services that are not covered by provincial plans. For business owners, there are a number of ways to obtain personal health insurance: group health insurance, association health and dental, health and welfare trusts, private health services plans or even individual health and dental.

    We also provide online purchase of individual health insurance.

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    Disability for Business Owners

    The risk of becoming disabled before age 65 is high, as you age, the probability of disability decreases not because of health but because there are less working years left, however if a disability occurs, the average duration is longer.

  • Buy Sell

    Every year, businesses draw up strategies that will help them reach their three-year, five-year, and ten-year plans. Indeed, strategic planning is crucial to a corporation’s growth and prevalence in future markets. But being forward-focused also means thinking about every possible scenario a company can face. Business succession in the case of various circumstances is a real possibility, and one that a company must be prepared for.

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  • Succession Planning

    Succession planning makes a business stronger. A succession plan is key to a company’s longevity and bottom line.
    Having an owner leave a business is risky and stressful. All eyes turn towards the outgoing leader and the preparation he or she makes to ensure that the company continues to prosper without him or her. Also, there are cases when a leader is forced to leave a company due to illness, disability, and death. Without a succession plan, a company that experiences this has a high possibility of finding itself on a plan to fail.

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  • Corporate Retirement

    For many, the pinnacle of years of work is the lure of retirement. A corporate retirement strategy is an innovative alternative that allows a business owner to increase retirement cash flow, tax-free. Does it sound interesting? Many small business owners seem to think so as corporate retirement insurance gives them the opportunity to access more resources, supplement retirement income, invest in new business ventures, and expend their current business.
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  • Retained Earnings Strategies

    Ask most people why they work so hard. The answer will usually go back to building a good future for themselves and their family. But it is also common for business owners to admit that their money is tied-up in their companies, and so they think that they cannot pull their money out.
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  • Business Acquisition

    Entrepreneurs who have intentions about selling their businesses will realize that the process of acquisition is no easy task. It seems that the risks of acquisition usually fall on the end of the sellers and not the buyers. Estimating the value of a business is a complex process, and determining a fair price is even more complicated. That is why having expert advise during acquisitions and business valuations is highly recommended in the fields of mergers and acquisitions.
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  • Business Expansion

    Many industries across the globe are experiencing a march to recovery after the recession of 2008 and 2009. Momentum in the world economy is seeing a shift from developing countries to the emerging markets of Asia. Experts are expecting upbeat forecasts and increased demands for certain industries. The sectors to look out for are information technology, health care, biotechnology, education, green energy, government, and security.
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