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  • Probate- What is It? Probate is a term that refers to the general legal process and proceedings that go on after a person dies. Probate includes several different things, including taking a look at the value of the property owned by the deceased, handling any remaining debts or tax debt that the deceased had in […]

  • The Basics of Wills Having a will is an important step for anyone. However, it’s important to clear up some of the misconceptions about these documents, the types of powers one actually has under them and how they can be used to ensure that, as the name of this document implies, your will is carried […]

  • When a borrower borrows some money from the lender, he/she requires collateral to provide security in case he cannot pay the interest payments or he fails to pay back the loaned amount. In this case the collateral can be repossessed by the lender. Collateral assignment is the transfer of the right of ownership of an […]

  • Life insurance is important for several reasons, not only does it provide people with a sizeable amount of financial security, but it also functions as a safety cushion for the surviving members. Life insurance can help cover immediate and lump sum debts after the death of the person. Without such an amount the family members […]