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  • Life insurance is important for several reasons, not only does it provide people with a sizeable amount of financial security, but it also functions as a safety cushion for the surviving members. Life insurance can help cover immediate and lump sum debts after the death of the person. Without such an amount the family members […]

  • Sudden unemployment is a harsh scenario people have to deal with along with economic changes, a change in technology or simply the closure or downsizing of a business. Unemployment imposes a financial, social and psychological cost on you because no one is be prepared to deal with a sudden termination of income and it would […]

  • Usually our concept of income is derived from labor which leads to a fixed or variable wage for a certain time duration. Another type of income is investment income which results from investing in various financial assets. Investment income can take the form of dividends, interest payments, rent, royalties and capital gains. Investment income is […]

  • Since more than 25 million Canadians file their personal income tax return every year, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure tax deductions, credits, and elections are properly identified to make the appropriate claims. Here are 10 tax return filing tips that can help you incorporate essential information in order to access targeted benefits.1. Charitable […]