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Alto, Chang and Associates Financial Management

ACA Financial is an independent financial advisory firm founded on the principle of client-focused advice. Our approach, listening and understanding our clients’ unique needs. The result, a clear and mutual understanding and the foundation for all planning considerations. We are committed to demonstrating value by delivering on each client’s need for growth, safety, liquidity and cash flow.

Why ACA Financial Management?

We have a proven track record, over 35 years experience and follow a 6 step financial planning process.

  • We establish the details about our responsibilities to you as a financial planner including time frames of engagement, compensation and conflicts of interest.

  • We discuss your financial goals, needs and priorities before making or implementing any recommendations.

  • We analyze all information to determine your financial situation and evaluate to what extent your goals, needs and priorities can be met under the current circumstances.

  • We identify and evaluate financial planning strategies to achieve your financial goals, needs and priorities. We provide recommendations to achieve your stated goals, needs and priorities and communicate how these recommendations will help you achieve your financial goals.

  • We establish agreement on implementation action, responsibilities and time frames.

  • We agree on a time frame for monitoring and evaluating your financial plan to asses its progress and to determine if it still appropriate and confirm if any revisions are necessary.

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