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While the Canadian provincial health care plans may provide great coverage, there are a large number of individuals who do not qualify for this coverage. Visitors to Canada, business visitors working in Canada using a temporary resident visa, and new immigrants to Canada may not be edible, or eligible yet, for the provincial insurance coverage. As a result, if they have a medical emergency during their time in Canada, they will be responsible for substantial out-of-pocket expenses without insurance in place.

If you, or a loved one, are applying for a parent or grandparent Super Visa, one of the requirements to receive a super visa is to prove that the applicant has found private insurance that will provide medical coverage during their time in Canada. In order to satisfy this requirement, a private travel insurance plan is a fantastic option.

Single Trip Plan

A single-trip travel insurance plan is a great way to protect against unexpected medical costs for visitors to Canada, including tourists, business visitors, those using a temporary resident visa, individuals needing to fill the requirements of a super visa, as well as new immigrants to Canada who are not yet covered by the provincial government healthcare plan.

These plans can provide the coverage that individuals need for emergency medical procedures necessary to treat unexpected illnesses or injuries while they visit Canada. In add to the medical coverage, travelers can opt to add more protection for unexpected travel accidents or trip interruption.

Multi Trip Plan

If you plan to make several trips into Canada each year, a multi trip insurance plan will provide excellent protection during your many visits. Under the multi trip plan, you can make an unlimited amount of trips into the country while maintaining the same level of emergency medical coverage throughout the entire year. This coverage is excellent for business visitors who make numerous short trips into the country throughout the year.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Trip interruption coverage protects visitors to Canada in the event that your travel arrangements change unexpectedly. This coverage allows you to safeguard your travel investments in the even that unforeseeable circumstances force you to alter your arrangements. Many prepaid expenses can be non-referable or non-transferable depending on your travel provider. This coverage allows you to accommodate for travel interruptions without worry or loss.

Travel Accident Coverage

If an accident occurs during your visit to Canada that results in a bodily injury or your death, your travel accident coverage will pay a specific set amount. This travel coverage is generally added to an existing plan, and you can choose from different levels of coverage available. The types of bodily injury covered by these plans can differ depending on the specific plan you choose.

Travel Safely Within Canada

Whether you are only visiting Canada briefly, do not yet qualify for provincial coverage, or you need to fill the super visa requirement, we hope that you find the travel insurance solutions that you need. Without quality health insurance in place, you could find yourself with an injury, illness, and colossal medical expenses to pay as you recuperate.

Contact us  today to learn more about the coverage options available to visitors, temporary residents, and new immigrants to Canada. You are sure to find a comprehensive plan that will fill you visa requirement and provide the emergency medical care and accident coverage you need to travel worry free as you enjoy all that Canada has to offer.

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